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Puppy Socialization - Starting with a social puppy 
Socialization is the process of acquainting your dog to different sights, sounds, smells, and surfaces.
You should watch your pup for signs of stress and know when you should push through, or back off. 
The goal is to socialize the pup, not traumatize him / her.
It is important to be very careful when taking puppies places before they have had at least 
two vaccinations.
Socialization Basics Local Event
Click to see photos of puppy socialization Do you have a new puppy? Are you thinking about getting one? Click to see photos of outing Burnout Contest Outing
May 21st, 2005
Pup was 6 weeks old
Regular Outing Local Playground
Click to see photos of outing Second Monday Outing
June 11th, 2005
Pups were 9 weeks old
Click to see photos of outing June 30th, 2005
Pup was 12 weeks old

Colorado Vacation
Click to see pup on vacation July 2nd, 2005 
Pup was 12 weeks old

K9 Enrichment - Learning can be fun
Enrichment means providing the environmental stimuli necessary to enhance the mental 
(and therefore behavioral) quality of an animal.
The act of making fuller or more meaningful or rewarding 
I am in the process of re-organizing my website and will eventually move more topics into this section.
K9 Playground Misc. Photos
Click to visit our playground Playground ideas
See our play area
Click to see photos Life at Cottonwoods

Begin Training - Commands, laying the foundation for activities
A few people I have talked with, say they don't know where to start.
Training begins when you introduce commands, reward good behavior, or discouraging bad behavior.
When the training process is interesting, it becomes enjoyable for you and your dog.
The goal is to help your pet become more manageable.
The following pages do not have training advise, here you will find photos and some information related 
to the training.
Rendezvous  Puppy Class
Click to see photos from rendezvous Conformation and 
Obedience judging
Click to see photos of a puppy training One of our pups
attends Petsmart
Zaz is owned by "Wolfy"
Obedience No Limitations Method
Click to see photos of obedience class AKC Instructed 
obedience class
Click to see page on No Limitations method What started it all 
Why our interest in the
No Limitations method
Gatherings No Limitations Seminar
Click to see photos of TX Gathering Texas Gathering Oct 2005 
More for fun than training
Click to see photos from seminar Memorial Weekend 2005 
Seminar at Cottonwoods
Trainer Referral
Click to find a trainer Trainers willing to
work with Wolfdogs

Canine Jobs - Rewarding work - for the owner, dog, & community
A persons work can be rewarding, have you ever thought of rewarding your well-behaved dog 
with a job? It doesn't have to be official, (R.J. is not a certified Therapy dog) but something to do.
We go wherever we are invited; Lions Club, Schools, etc.
"Fun work" sounds like an oxymoron, but when you think about it, your dog gets to go 
someplace new, get petted, and when he / she brings joy to the people around you, 
you'll have fun as well.
Maybe one of the following K9 jobs we've participated in, might interest you.
Cancer Support Visit Cancer Support Visit
Click to see photos of Cancer Support Visit 2002 & 2003 
Cancer Support Visit
Click to see our 2005 Cancer Support visit 2005 Our puppies visit the
Cancer Support Group
Cancer Walk Home Hospice Visits
Click to see photos of Cancer Walk 2003 Relay For Life Click to visit our Hospice page 1999 Visit with 
Hospice Patient
Deer Recovery Search & Rescue
Click to visit our page on Deer Recovery During hunting season
we track wounded deer.
Click to visit our Search & Rescue pages Visit our Search & Rescue 
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