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Obedience Class


About this page:

R.J. attended obedience Class from January 23rd, 2000 to February 20th, 2000.
At the time, he was intact, and we attended during breeding season.
The class was taught by an AKC instructor, based more on discipline than reward.
It was the only class I could find, and even though it wasn't quite my style, I am still glad we participated.




Cottonwoods Romeo "R.J." 1st day
Finding a spot in line Sit & Listen
Heel - coming to a corner Learning Stay
R.J. Listening to Instructor Such a good boy !
Getting the hang of it

Another day
Class cancelled because of snow
Trying to distract R.J. in his down stay
R.J. is introduced to a classmate
a Rottweiler.
And this is the little dog that is going to 
do figure 8's - see me laughing?
The owner seemed pretty nervous 
about this at first
R.J.'s turn
Great Job !

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