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2005 Texas Gathering of friends and our dogs


About this Page:

Years ago a person with one of my pups sent me a Wyoming Postcard of a wolf, with 
the saying "You can't run with the big dogs, if you pee like a pup". I immediately liked it 
To me it means not to simply go along with what everyone says or thinks, stand up for what you believe in, and prove them wrong :-)

In October of 2005 we had a 'big dog' gathering, it was a blast and I would love to do it again sometime.


Left to right - Kathy Arnold (NWHA President), 
Dora of "Cottonwoods", 
Stormy of "In The Company Of Wolves", 
Dawna of "Cedar Hill", Sue of "Indigo Mountain", 
Juan of "Cypress Creek", and Carla of "Absolute Obedience".

Our Picture takers.  All photos
Juan Cypress Creek Wolves & 
Sue Indigo Mountain Nature Center


Carla working Speedo
Carla Collins
Speedo is one of our pups that we raised until he was 6 months old for Stormy.
Stormy (above right) with Speedo. She picked him up at this gathering.

Carla working with one of our pups Ahote, owned / raised by Sue Cranston

Sue and Ahote

Cottonwoods Top Hat Cottonwoods Sweet Waysa

Carla's dog Scooby - FEMA Search dog
Our dog 
Andel Von Der Suden
K9 ScenTrail
Kathy's dog 
Leben "Retten" V. Landschaft
Arkansas K9

Some of the gals - 
Stormy, Dawna, and Sue
The husbands :-) Left to right
Kyle -Shannon's, Jason-Dora's, and
Jim - Dawna's.

Retten and Scooby
The group

It was a blast seeing who could get
The best shot (closest to the head.)
Here is my quarter.
Having some fun with Jim's guns

BabyJ and Carla
"Top Hat" Getting use to gun fire PS she does train kids, no matter 
what her vehicle says

The weather was nice enough for everyone to swim in the pool.
Stormy heads home with Speedo.
Sue's Ahote picks out "his" bed.


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