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Now just to warn you...
I don't know if it is the fact that I have a young daughter, or that I am tired of always looking at the same type of graphics, but a couple of the pages are meant to be somewhat silly.
As someone once said, they are "whimsical". Hope you enjoy...

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Current Males

Current Females

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Romeo - "R.J."
Sibling to Misty
b. 04-18-98
Currently old.

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Haunted Mist - "Misty"
Sibling to R.J.
b. 04-18-98
Currently old.
R.J. is an example of the positive impact dogs 
are capable of. He has participated in Cancer 
Support, visiting with Hospice patients, Deer 
Recovery, and more. R.J. sired one litter and 
was neutered in 2003.
We didn't breed Misty for several years, 
although always a sweet-heart, it was how 
well she did with training that made me take 
another look at her.

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Maverick - "Mav"
b. 03-31-98
Currently old.

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Sweet Waysa - "Waysa"
Sibling to Hat
b. 04-07-05
Currently old.
Many people think black animals look mean. 
The only thing Mav is aggressive about 
is his kisses :-) Maverick has sired one litter.
Waysa didn't start off as one of my favorites 
due to her 'Sable' coloration, but her 
personality sure won me over.

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Pooh Bear - "Pooh"
Sibling to Breezy
b. 03-20-03
Currently old.

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Cammie Girl - "Cammie"
Sibling to Sandman
b. 04-09-06
Currently old.
Everybody loves a cuddly Pooh Bear, and 
Pooh loves to spend time with visitors.
He is probably my best male 
(neck & neck with Hat) He has sired two litters.
If we never produce an animal better than 
Cammie I'd be satisfied. She is something 
special! Cammie was raised by her mother

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Top Hat - "Hat"
Sibling to Waysa
b. 04-07-05
Currently old.
Hat has visited with the Cancer Support Group 
and has attended several community events.
He is one of those special animals a breeder 
strives to produce, and reminds me so much 
of Ash.

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Mr. Sandman - "Sandman"
Sibling to Cammie
b. 04-09-06
Currently old.
Ever hear a breeder complain their animals are too 
friendly? Sandman would go to any extreme to try 
and please you - Almost to 'mushy' for my taste.
We might eventually consider placing him.
Page coming soon Bounty Hunter - "Hunter"
b. 04-05-07
Currently , or old
Page coming soon !

Group Photos
Not for the weak stomach, These
pictures include eating raw meat,
so don't look if this offends you.

Available For Adoption

If we have any animals available for adoption, 
you will find them here.

Recent & Upcoming Litters
Click to learn about our upcoming litter

Upcoming Litter - 2008 - Top Hat & Cammie Girl
Combining 11 yr breeding program - Everything we've worked for - 12 generation pedigree
OFA on Parents, all Grandparents, 7 of 8 G-Grandparents, and 4 G-G-Grandparents.

DNA on Parents, all Grandparents, 1 set of G-Grandparents.
Potential applicants must pass screening / application process, & must have references.

Click to visit 2007 litter See Our 2007 Litter
Pooh Bear & Misty pups b. 04-05-07
This was our first repeat breeding


Search & Rescue

Click to visit Dash's Page

Dash A' Deja Vu - "Vu-Dog"
b. 11-08-99
Currently old.

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Andel von Der Suden - "Andel" 
b. 07-17-03
Currently old.
Dash is an Anatolian Shepherd. He is
neutered and has never been bred. Dash is 
our guard dog and he does his job extremely well.
Andel is a Czech GSD, although not spayed 
she has never been bred. She is a trailing dog 
and is amazing to watch work.

Click to visit Lyjah's Page

b. 03-21-04
Currently old.
Lyjah is a chocolate Labrador Retriever, 
although not spayed, she has never been
bred. She is in training for Human Remains

Previously Owned Males

Previously Owned Females

Click to visit Runt's Page

Lil' Runt - "Runt"
b. 03-11-96
d. 2000 Snake bite

Click to visit Ginger's Page

Ginger Mark - "Ginger"
b. 05-12-89
d. 08-16-99
Runt was truly a member of our family. He is the 
animal that made me realize how important having 
a good temperament is. Because he came from a 
bad breeder, he also taught me the importance of 
health screening your breeding stock. He was 
neutered in 1998.
Ginger was the foundation stock for our 
breeding program. To this day I have never 
seen a more perfect gait. See had outstanding 
conformation / bone structure. Her line also offered great hip stability.

Click to visit Rebel's Page

b. 02 -20-97
d. 04-22-06 
Unknown cause

Click to visit Lady Outlaw's Page

Lady Outlaw - "Poopy"
d. 2002 Snake bite
A Sable Wolfdog (F3, 77.18 %)
He was an NWHA Champion. We chose 
to neuter Rebel, he was never bred.
My baby! I still think of her often. More 
intense than most of my animals, but amazing. 
She visited schools and brought joy to 
hundreds of children.

Click to visit Ash's Page

Forever Ash - "Ash"
b. 04-10-99
d. 01-20-07 
due to injury at birth

Click to visit our placed animals

Sibling to Pooh & Breezy
b. 03-20-03
What I consider the "Whole Package" Ash 
had a Wolfy look, correct bone structure,  
health, and the best temperament. 
Ash sired one litter.
We often keep a pup that we have bred so 
we can evaluate them. Stormy didn't wow me, 
so we eventually placed her.
Click to visit our placed animals Mario
Sibling to Mia
b. 04-22-91

Click to visit a page about Mia

Mia Mystic - "Mia"
Sibling to Mario
b. 04-22-91
Mario was a healthy, gorgeous animal with a 
wonderful temperament. He was neutered, 
and placed as a yearling. His sibling (Mia), 
was more tractable.
It was one of those tough decisions a breeder 
sometimes has to make - we spayed and 
eventually placed Mia. She didn't breed true 
to the standard, coming into season in January.

Click to visit Breezy's Page

Texas Breeze - "Breezy"
Sibling to Pooh Bear
b. 03-20-03
I have always said if I could get RJ's 
temperament in a female - then I'd have 
something. Breezy was the extreme and almost to friendly (i.e. very submissive), therefore she was placed and spayed by her new owner.

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