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Enrichment - Our Play Area


About this page:

The playground offers mental stimulation and physical challenges.
We start our puppies training here, it really helps to build their confidence.
Human kids love it too. :-)
Several people have ask me and no, my dogs did not live in this area full time. <G>
Our animals never get bored with it, even as adults. After a few years of it being up, 
not one dog has caused any damage. It was a good investment !



First tower 
The area under this one is now a sandbox with a swing for our daughter
2nd Tower
There is a swinging bridge from tower two - to a platform we added 
(right photo below)
We drilled holes through the boards and ran on plastic coated steel cable on both sides. PVC spacers were added like the website below suggested.
Cottonwoods Sweet Waysa 

This is a "Bark Box" or, for animals that don't bark,  a "Scratch Box" - 
A person hides inside and the dog finds them and gives an alert, it is then given a reward.
On top of it is an old tunnel we had. (Has lasted YEARS!)
I looked at different drainage pipes - they were all pretty expensive.
Ours was made from made from 55 gal barrels; with the lids cut off, and welded together. (make sure there are no sharp/rough edges on the inside.)
The weight is supported by two large tires at either end, which are bolted into the 4X4 post..
On the right side (photo above on left) is a board that goes from "tower #2" to the wooden spool. It gives/wobbles when they walk across it.

In left photo, we bought some threaded metal pipe at the building center and cut them to different lengths and cemented them into the ground. Then cut 3/4 " plywood into large circles, attached a flange to the wood and screwed it onto the post. It makes great stepping platforms to a large wooden spool for entering and exiting the tunnel.
The caps on each side of this wall 
come right off and boards can be added or removed as the pup grows.
To "place", or "on it" - 
teaching directionals.
Mine are kind of large, but we made 
use of some pallets (free) by adding legs 
and covering with outdoor carpet.
The steps on either end are "open" unlike the ones above the slide in "Tower #1"
The wooden slats along the top are spaced so the animal learns to be aware of his / her footing.

Things I want to add...
Hubby can get springs (automotive) 
we can concrete them into the ground and attach to a board.

This would move around quite a bit when the dogs run across it.

Swinging Log Teeter-Totter base
A-Frame Somehow (I haven't figured it out yet) we are going to build a Maze for the dogs.

Other things I want to add are;

  • A crawl - a board that is positioned off the ground, high on one side and low on the other (where the dog has to go in and then crawl to get out/continue.)

  • Regular wooden ladder (the side with steps propped on a tower)

  • A harness lift (gets the animal use to be suspended)

  • A log pile

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