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Are you a breeder, thinking about breeding, or are you looking for a breeder? 
If you purchased a puppy, what did your breeder offer (other than the pup).
This section is not to encourage anyone to breed ! It is simply a collection of our pages 
related to breeding. 
If you are looking for information on upcoming litters, please visit our dogs link above.
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Thinking Of Buying Or Breeding - Articles from Cottonwoods 
There is more to being a breeder than having a female in heat, and putting her with an intact male, 
which is all far to many wolfdog breeders do. Don't support bad breeders or become one.
Wolfdog Buyer Beware Breeding Article
Click to visit our Buyer Beware page Educate yourself to avoid 
MANY unscrupulous breeders
Click to see our breeding article So you want to become a 
Wolfdog breeder?
Searching For A Puppy? What To Look For
Click to see puppy info How do you increase your chances of ending up with 
the right puppy?
Click to see puppy info When looking 
at puppies
These are not my puppies, but if you don't want information, 
and are only looking to buy a puppy, go here.
You MUST check out one of the links to really appreciate the site.

Getting Organized - Puppies should come with a pedigree
If your breeder didn't give you a pedigree, research your animals linage.
Start with your breeder and work backwards. A pedigree is a necessity if you plan 
on breeding, registering, or if you just want to verify information.
Pedigree Template Pedigree Record
Click to get a blank pedigree For charting your 
animals linage
Click to use our pedigree record Record of an animal
in your pedigree
from Cottonwoods
WD Percentage Calculator Who's Who
Click to use our custom % calculator Custom calculator by Cottonwoods. 
Quick and easy to use
Click to see who's who in WD pedigrees The people in 
Wolfdog Pedigrees
Wolfdog Registries
Click to see what the registry abbreviation means What abbreviations are 
on your pedigree?

Canine Pregnancy - Worried or hoping?
The DNA information below, stands for DeoxyriboNucleic Acid. Testing is not just for determining the sire, when you obtain DNA profiles on your breeding stock, puppy buyers have the option of submitting their puppy and receiving his or her profile, plus verification of paternity - For peace of mind, identification, and a truly verified pedigree. All of our puppies are DNA swabbed before leaving our property.
63 Day Whelping Chart Canine Pregnancy Test
Click to see our whelping chart When should the puppies 
be due? Or when might the 
Dam have conceived?
Click to learn about canine pregnancy testing To determine 
pregnancy status.
DNA Paternity Testing DNA Lab Information
Click to visit our DNA page Who's your pups daddy?
Our Article on DNA testing
Click to get DNA lab information Sample certificate and
List of labs contacted

Follow Puppies - Information to look back on
Breeders who care what they are producing will follow the progress of pups.
Chart Puppies Puppy Temperament Test
Click to use our puppy chart 'Record of  Litter'
from Cottonwoods
Click to see a temperament test A temperament test
which includes scores 
from litter. 
Puppy Measurements Compare Photos
Click to see puppy measurements At 7 wks, 13 wks,
and 7 months
Click to see photos of our litter 2005 Litter
3 wks to 6 mo.

Links- Breeding related
Clicking on the following links will take you to other websites, Thank you for stopping by our pages.
Wolfdog Breeders - Our links page. Breeding Better Dogs - Web link to article.
What is DNA? - Web Link.


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