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Canine Pregnancy Test

The positive test above (two pink lines) is manufactured by Synbiotics Corporation in San Diego, CA.  
It is called Witness(R) Relaxin, the first rapid, early canine pregnancy detection test for use by veterinarians in their clinics.

I have been asking my vet for sometime now about a canine pregnancy test. They finally got one in, so I thought I would put some information on this page for others who are interested. I understand that if one sees two dogs in a tie, the chances of a litter are pretty good :-) In my opinion,  it is still a nice and inexpensive thing to supply puppy buyers with and can provide breeders with valuable information*. Buyers have sent in their deposit, gotten their hopes up, and may be wanting to make arrangements but may be wondering "What if she isn't bred?" - This is an early and reliable way to answer that question.
  • When can the test be done?
    Soon after implantation, 22-27 days after mating. 
  • How much does the test cost? 
    The test and office visit cost me $40.00 (or you can order a 5 test kit for $99.95)
  • How do they perform the test?
    By withdrawing a small about of blood.
  • How long does the test take?
    Test results are available in 10 minutes or less.
  • How does the test work?
    This test for determining canine pregnancy status measures the hormone relaxin, which increases dramatically after a fertilized egg implants in the uterine wall. Relaxin is secreted primarily by the placenta and is the only hormone specifically associated with canine pregnancy. Hormone levels remain elevated throughout gestation and decline quickly following whelping or abortion. 
  • *Why use the test?
    This test can be used in detection of 'false' pregnancy (relaxin hormone is absent in pseudopregnant bitches), 
    diagnosing fetal death and resorption, or spontaneous abortion.  
    It is also less invasive (shaving, etc) than an ultrasound IMO, and ultrasounds can be misinterpreted.

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