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What To Look For In A Puppy

When I bought my first puppy, I got ripped-off. The purpose of this page is to give you an idea of what to look for in a 
puppies appearance.

Look for consistency in a litter.
The pictures above ARE what a litter should look like, Do not buy a pup from litters like below...

There are a couple of things I would like to point out in the photos below

  1. Notice the similarity in the puppies? I don't know if you can see it, but the puppies toenails are painted, not as a fashion statement, but to identify them. 
    (we usually use kitten break-away collars on pups)

  2. You don't see a lot of, or large areas of white on the puppies.

We all look like littermates

Notice the dark coloration, avoid puppies with pink/white splotchy foot pads

Puppies howl from a young age 
(they don't have to be taught)
and will not run around barking
(even if you have other dogs)
*Photo courtesy of Raquel

Notice the ears in these photos. 
Our puppies ears begin to stand up at about 3 weeks of age and are usually both up by 4 weeks.
We can touch them as much as we want, it doesn't "break down the cartilage" like some breeders say.

Puppy eyes are very blue, the one below is 3 weeks old. 

Adult eyes should not be blue, parti-colored, or Bi-eyed. 

7 weeks old, changing to blue-green

8.5 weeks old, turning greener

10 weeks old, turning yellow

13.5 weeks old, yellow

Take a look at the 10 week old pup on the right in the pictures above....
Puppies go through an "Ugly" stage where they are all legs and ears. 
They also get what I call a 1/2 shed, where they loose the puppy fur from their face.

Don't worry, they grow out of it - The photos on the left and center, are the same animal
The photo on the right is of a pure wolf pup going through the same stage.

Puppies should be friendly or curious with strangers. They should not stiffen when held or pull away from you.



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