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DNA Lab Information

Sample Of MMI Genomics DNA Certificate



List Of Labs Contacted Concerning DNA Testing
Name of Lab  Contact information Costs per Animal Processing Time
MMI Genomic

1-800-362-3644 (press #5 for canine services)

$55.00 per dog

10 days (will phone results upon request)

Veterinary Genetics Lab University of California


$40.00 per dog or $300.00 for litter (includes sire, dam & pups)

3-4 weeks processing time

PeagGen, Inc. through AKC (DNA operations)


$35.00 per dog (need all involved) $25.00 to “read DNA” and provide results on litter otherwise, will send instructions on how to do so.

6 weeks

www.vetgen.com 1-800-483-8436

$60.00 - Confirms Parentage of offspring (includes Profile) DNA required from offspring/dam/sire

Minimum of 3 weeks * Also does genetic testing for breed specific diseases and coat color in Labradors, etc.

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