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What Wolfdog Registry Is That?

With so many abbreviations out there, a person can get easily confused.

Accepted Wolfdog registries Include;

Lupine Awareness 

NWHA  National Wolf Hybrid Association (No longer in operation)

The United States Wolf Hybrid Association" Founded by Ralph Salvitti later became........(see below)


United States American Wolfdog Association or

Reputable Personal Registries Include;
NADA Was Native Amerindian Dog Association - Nick
AWHA Was American Wolf Hybrid Alliance -Randy Riggs
Known Personal Registries Include;
USHA United States Hybrids of America - Vickie Spencer
(Started in approx 1990, For tracking lineage, not verifying percentages.)
NAID North American Indian Dogs - Mark Klemperer
'Other' Personal Registries Include;
WWWR Was World Wide Wolf Registry - Vickie Wick
WBA Wolf Breeders Association - Charles Dysart own registry
AWBA affiliated with (above) - America Wolf Breeders Association
Reputation for highly misrepresented animals.
More Registries Include;
WHRA Wolf Hybrid Registry Association - Originally based in Alaska. Pam Usry then used the same name but was based in the East Coast.
USHWA United States Hybrid Wolf Association ?
ICR International Canine Registry
Dog Registries NOT recognized/accepted for Wolfdogs
by reputable organizations or experienced wd persons are;
UKC (UKCI international)

Universal Kennel Club

CKC Continental Kennel Club
WWKC World Wide Kennel Club
DRA Dog Registry of America



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