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Puppy Socialization - Regular Outing


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Close by us is "Second Monday", it is like a "Swap Meet" held on Saturday and Sunday before the second Monday of each month. It is a great place to socialize puppies/adults, exposing them to all kinds of sounds, smells, animals, people, etc.




June 11th, 2005 

Walking around "Second Monday"
Hat (9 weeks) "Momma look at me sit" 
Waysa looks for shade while 
we visit with some folks
Hat meets another puppy
A skate park looks like a good idea  Hat cannot figure out what they are doing
All of these stairs and ramps were sheet metal
(Lots of noise!)
We also had fun escaping the heat
Hat (R) - Waysa (L) Waysa (9 Weeks)
He didn't make it 2 exhausted puppies
Waysa gets comfortable

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