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The No Limitations Method


About this page:

Carla Collins, owner of Absolute Obedience, is demonstrating that Wolfdogs can be obedience trained using the No-Limitations method of Remote Collar Training.
The animal to the left, had no prior training and had never met Carla. We thought it would be interesting to see how the collar would work on a high content, and challenged Carla 
to see if she could get one to heel on lead with control.
In less than 20 minutes of Carla working with the female she was doing commands of recalling, sitting quietly and heeling with focus. This is what led me to set up a seminar,
Invite some Wolfdog owners, and try the method on my dogs.
Collar stimulation was used along with praise from Carla when the Wolfdog did the appropriate behavior. At no time during this session did the animal become stressed or confused. This girl was actually wagging her tail and giving kisses to Carla throughout the training session.




The Remote Collar - Wolfdogs Welcome!
Instructor Carla and her dog "Scooby" Founder Fred Hassen

This Training was held on Memorial Day Weekend
and consisted of a Free demonstration Friday evening May 27th, 2005 at 6 pm
Followed by Training Saturday and Sunday May 28-29th, 2005 9 am to 5 pm.

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A Trained Wolfdog Is...

  • A better, happier companion

  • A safer, more social canine. This will allow interaction with other people and animals.

  • Leaves a positive impression on the general public

  • Is able to impact legislation by providing a service such as acting as an ambassador for education, therapy animal, or other volunteer work.

  • Is able to participate in owner/canine activities such as obedience, agility, or simply going to the park.

The No Limitations Remote Collar Training Method..

  • A unique approach improves your relationship with your Wolfdog while training him to obey your commands even under distractions.

  • Effective dog training without raised voices, bribery, manhandling or jerking

  • The training is humane and effective for the shy dog to the problem dog and every dog in between.

  • You learn the skills to work through problem behaviors with positive, lasting results

  • You can easily work this training approach into your normal daily life to achieve a happy obedient Wolfdog

  • We work with dogs of all temperaments and sizes.

  • We specialize in difficult to control dogs.

Instructors were: Fred Hassen of No-Limitations Remote Collar Dog Training Systems and Carla Collins of Absolute Obedience.
Seminar Information:
This training session was offered to Wolfdog owners, but all dog breeds were also welcome to attend (several did, along with my dogs). Canines had to be current on vaccinations, no females in heat or unvaccinated puppies.
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