OFA vs. PennHip - Comparison


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PennHip = Six X-rays
One X-ray

PennHip = Must be put under general anesthetic.
To be determined by your vet.

PennHip can be done as early as 4 months.
cannot be done till age two.
(preliminaries can be done before the age of two)

PennHip is a newer test, but does seem to be reliable.
has been around a lot longer and is more well known.

PennHip is evaluated by a computer program.
is evaluated by three board certified veterinary radiologist.

PennHip requires training for the vets to perform the x-rays.
can be done by most any vet.

PennHip and OFA do not use the same rating system.

PennHip is more expensive than OFA.

If one has their animals X-rayed for PennHip, even if they do not "appear"
good to the vet, they are required to be submitted for the database.

In OFA we get a more slanted view as if you think the X-ray is bad
or the dog is "bad", they do not have to be submitted.

*PennHip stands for The University Of Pennsylvania Hip Improvement Program
stands for The Orthopedic Foundation For Animals.


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Special thanks to Andrea for teaching me the importance of testing, also Marge, HAW and Ghostwuppy.

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