What is Grizzled? - The Agouti Coloration

Grizzled yearling Grizzled Adult


This "wild coloring" coat pattern, is made up of a downy soft beige undercoat, and outer coat hairs that are Banded/Tri-colored; the hairs having one or more bands of black, yellowish-brown, red, or cream color and are called agouti, after a South American rodent with banded hair. 

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Having a high percentage of banded hair produces the grizzled effect. 

The belly color is much lighter and does not carry banding/ticking. (presence of bands of different color on the hair shaft.) 

The overall agouti coloration are shades of browns, blacks, reds and creams. A casts of beige, tan, yellow or red behind the ears, and above the hocks. The coloring extends far down the legs, with the lighter markings being cream. 

The tail tip is black as well as the nose, eye rims, lip lines and foot pads. 

A common form of camouflage in nature, it occurs to varying degrees in at least some hairs of many animals, both wild & domestic. 


Photo of Squirrel

Photo of Rabbits

Photo of Raccoons

Photo of Singapure Cat

Photo of Abyssinian Cat

Singapura Cat                        

               Abyssinian cat

Photo of Coyote

Photo of Bay Horses


               Agouti/Bay in Horses

Photo of Siberian Husky

Photo of Norwegian Elkhound

Siberian Husky             

  Norwegian Elkhound

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