Here is a great one from Candy Kitchen Rescue Ranch

 Photo by Wolfie of Night Falls Kennel 

Barbara writes, "The cave house has a cement bottom. This one was formed from old chain link fence and other fencing until a suitable shell was created. Then we stuffed the shell with straw-filled garbage bags. We also laid plastic over the between the bags and the wire shell. The covering is a mix of cinders, sand and cement and I do not know the ratio. We then waterproofed it with a mix of oil based water sealer, varnish and paint. Now we are forming the shell with rebar and old wire fencing. Hope that helps."

I only wish that I had Barbara were here to show me how to do this as mine took quite some time with trial and error. We bent rebar vertically, in a circular shape (going north to south, east to west, and doing the same to fill in the gaps till it was formed all the way around) then we supported it with rebar horizontally. We then covered the top with a tarp and started to add cement. On the sides we added some old wire and ended up having to make some forms out of bendable wood, securing them together with bailing wire and filling with concrete. Then toweling the concrete, we brought the sides and top together, adding some layers as needed and then painting it. Here is our version of Barbara's idea.

I need to get a current picture, this one is very old and the angle is bad.
(The girl in the photo now has a baby of her own - that is how old it is :-)

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