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Introducing "Romeo"


The story behind his name:

The story of Romeo and Juliet is timeless, and it was my hope that RJ would leave a
lasting impression.

Cottonwoods Romeo lives in Montague County, fitting - as William Shakespeare wrote
of  "Romeo Montague" and "Juliet Capulet".

Romeo and Juliet is not just a love story, it is about the pressure of remaining true to one's heart when logic dictates a more reasonable course of action.

These animals are my heart.

R.J. was born April 18th, 1998 Littermate to "Misty"
He has been OFA evaluated, DNA profiled, and was recently neutered (2003)

Most organizations will not certify Wolfy looking canines due to misconceptions, 
so he is not an "official" Therapy dog.
R.J. simply does what he does, without the papers.

See photos of RJ on a Hospice visit

See more photos of RJ at Obedience 

RJ What big eyes you have !

RJ with Hospital Administrator 

See more photos of R.J. at Cancer Support

Little Red Riding Hood Lied :-)

Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolfy-dog
Halloween 2005

 (Image Kat)

~ During Hunting season - R.J. tracks wounded deer ~

We retired R.J. after the 2006 hunting season. See our page on Deer Recovery.
Cottonwoods "Bounty Hunter" born in 2007 will take over once trained.

The deer RJ tracks are not running



He is also on lead at all times

 In case you were wondering... This IS NOT how it's done.

Catching Snowflakes Fetch - with a snowball
Swimming at the pond Hanging out with the family
What's that horse eating? Putting up with the Anatolian
Hanging out with the horses R.J. with Buck
Swimming / Boating at the local lake
April 29th, 2007 Helping in the kitchen



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