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Introducing "Maverick"


The story behind his name:

"Get ready for the adventure of the summer"
We did not purchase Maverick, we were given ownership by the breeder after assisting in the retrieval of the puppy from the buyer.
Maverick was quite full of himself, imagine a puppy who had grown accustom to backing a grown man into a corner.
mav·er·ick adj.  Independent in behavior/action or thought.

Mav was born March 31st, 1998 
He has been OFA evaluated and DNA profiled

We use to enjoy going to Rendezvous, 
where obedience and conformation trials were held.

No, we didn't forget to clean :-)
They enjoy things to chew on.

To successfully read a canid, a person must collectively assess the canine's complete body language: head position, tail position, eye contact, ear position, hackles, etc. ~ Kim Miles


Spring 2003 with pups
Grandbabies April 2005

I love the photos above so I decided to place them here, however I feel I must say...
I do not recommend these animals go to homes with small children. They are large and can easily knock down little people. I know *my* animals, I know *my* children, and I know how *I* supervise. A breeder does not know these things about you and therefore most will not sell to individuals who have children under the age of 12, or are planning children in the near future.

April 2005 December 2005
September 2006 December 1st, 2006
February 20th, 2007 April 7th, 2007
Notice in the photos above that his coat color is faded out. 
Some blacks can eventually appear white.

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