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           Planned breeding for Spring 2008

Hat & Cammie

Combining 11 yr breeding program.
Everything we've worked for !
12 generation pedigree
OFA on Parents, all Grandparents, 
7 of 8 G-Grandparents, 
and 4 G-G-Grandparents.
DNA on Parents, all Grandparents, 
1 set of G-Grandparents.

Although I do not normally advertise pups on the internet, we will be screening for a 
few good homes. These pups are not for sale to 'anyone with the money' and we 
reserve the right to refuse any applicant.
When we breed, almost all of our pups are placed on a spay / neuter contract, the majority 
(all but one),  have never bred. We have worked hard over the years to produce pups that can potentially improve what is out there, for this reason, I would like it if these pups go to existing breeders, but will still consider pet quality (spay / neuter) homes.
Now before sending me an email, I am not talking about just any breeder, or any individual! 
Would I, or someone I know, be familiar with who you are?
It doesn't matter if you consider yourself reputable, the question is do other people?
All applicants must pass screening / application process, & must have references.
Our contractual requirements for breeding include:
  • You have obtained this animals pedigree
  • This canine’s DNA has been submitted to a lab for analysis and you have received his / her Genotype.
  • This canine has correct conformation
  • This canine’s hips have been x-rayed by a veterinarian and submitted to the Orthopedic Foundation For Animals (OFA or PennHip) and has passed the evaluation. 
    (Good or Excellent preferred)
  • A veterinarian has completed a screening of this canine’s bloodwork.
  • This canine has been properly socialized and is a productive member of your community.
  • This canine has proven to be tractable.
  • This canine has reached two seasons (almost 2 years of age - minimum - preferably 3)
  • All documentation has been provided.
  • The intended mate meets all of the above, and has been pre-approved.
You might be thinking, who do they think they are? Well, I am the person who put a lot of hard work and money into my animals. We don't want it to be for nothing (i.e. bred to just anything).

If I haven't scared you away yet, Please DO NOT email me from a new Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL account. I need to verify who you are and in what State you reside.

I will not respond to the following types of emails:

  • "I'm interested in your litter / puppy."

  • "Where do I send a deposit?"

  • "My dogs love to run loose in the woods"

  • "Someone killed my dog / got hit by car / etc. and I am looking for another"

  • And the latest "I need a male and two females, of course not the same blood"

  • Etc., Etc., Etc.

If you want me to take you seriously please give me a little information about yourself.
Only apply if you could honestly state the following...
"I am not now, nor have I or any member of my household, been involved in zoophile activities, or been convicted/charged with animal neglect/cruelty."

Still interested?

  • We do not generally ship puppies and will need a good reason for doing so. I prefer you fly out and meet our animals and return with your pup in the cabin of the aircraft.

  • I may request a photo of yourself

  • I will request a photo of your pet, and / or enclosure.

  • I will request consent to verify information provided on application and to contact your veterinarian, county for local pet regulations, and your landlord (if applicable).

About us:

  • We care about the quality of puppies produced, and don't simply throw an intact male in with a female in heat. It is important to us that you receive a stable/tractable animal.

  • We welcome questions

  • We provide a real health guarantee. Many breeders offer a 1yr health guarantee, to be OFA certified the animal must be 24 months (2 yrs). We also offer a congenital health guarantee that does not require you to return the animal.

  • We offer the option to receive DNA paternity verification.

  • We provide a contract that legally binds the breeder as well as the buyer.

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