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Introducing "Breezy"


The story behind her name:

Envision bluebonnet fields swaying in the gentle Texas breeze.....
It is something refreshing, as was Breezy. As she got older, Breezy never grew out of
that puppy submissiveness.
Breezy was an example of "be careful of what you wish for" -
I always wanted a really friendly female, Breezy was the extreme.

She was the animal offlead  in 
the No Limitations Training video clip 
and she continued to surprise us.

Breezy was born March 20th, 2003 Littermate to "Pooh Bear"
She has been OFA evaluated, DNA profiled.
Breezy was placed in 2007, and spayed by her new owner.

6 weeks old

As a puppy

Breezy & Pooh Bear at 7 weeks
10 weeks old
Breezy & Pooh Bear at 13.5 weeks 13.5 weeks

November 2004
Training for Deer Recovery
Breezy and her pups
Pooh And Breezy 12-11-05 Breezy Front - Maverick Back

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