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Welcome to Pooh Bear's Homepage


Introducing "Pooh"


The story behind his name:

I love "Winnie the pooh" and decorated my youngest child (Jess) bedroom 
with the theme. We even have the bear given to my husband at his birth.
Cottonwoods is our "100 acre-woods", so we needed a "Pooh Bear" 


Playing "Day in the life of a pooh"


Pooh was born March 20th, 2003 Littermate to "Breezy"
He has been OFA evaluated, DNA profiled

Love them eyes!

Markings will soften and blend
13.5 weeks

7 weeks old

Notice the changes?
20 months old
With my youngest when he was 9 mo old
Loosing his Winter coat
25 months old
A "stranger" to Pooh - April 2005

September 2006
April 8th, 2006

December 1st, 2006
 2006 Sire of 
"Mr. Sandman" & "Cammie Girl"

Photos above taken February, 2007
Misty & Pooh Paired for 2007
Sire of "Bounty Hunter"
April 22nd, 2007 - Pooh with my daughter and new son-in-law



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