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Introducing Lyjah


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When we got Lyjah

Lyjah was born on  March 21st, 2004

On Saturday, May 22nd Kim from TASK called us to ask if we were still looking for a puppy. Colby, a TASK member, knew of a puppy needing a home. We made the arrangements and met him in Bossier City, Louisiana the next day. 



Lyjah is a novice SAR dog and is still in training for Human Remains Detection

Growing up

October 2004

People always ask why we'd want to train a dog for something like this, Like the article below states, "At least if they find her body it will help her mother deal with it."
Missing girl found dead

By Melissa Nelson

After this scene had been cleared, we were escorted to this area to train Lyjah.



Fun in the water

catching some air

September 2006

Diving off the rock


Some Of The Dogs In Lyjah's Pedigree Include:

Paternal G-Grandparents:

FC AFC Kelly's Midnight Trapper

HRCH Gator Points Georgia Brown SH

Paternal G-G-Grandparents:

NAFC FC AFC Trumarc's Zip Code

FC Mueller's Stormy Canada


Maternal G-Grandparents:

NFC AFC Lucyana's Fast Willie

Maternal G-G-Grandparents:

FC AFC Rippin Blue Thunder


FC AFC Trumarc's Bob Barker

FC AFC Cody's Maximum Jenny




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