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Our Gang

This is a page where I will place current group pictures of our animals.
As previously stated, many of these photos are not for persons with a weak stomach. 
Some pictures include eating raw meat, don't write to me and complain, just don't look if this offends you.

December 7th, 2005

Pooh Bear (front), Breezy & Hat (center), Maverick (back) and Dash behind the fence. 
Tug-of-war with a deer hide.

December 1st, 2006

A friendly mauling :-)
I can't see the two closest to my husband,
From left to right -
Waysa, Sandman, & Hat

Waysa (front), Hat (left) - Pooh (right)
and Cammie (back)
Also me (with about 10 layers of clothes on)

February 2007

My husband


Hat getting petted

Hat & Sandman

April 22nd,  2007

Cammie (left), Hat (back), and Sandman (right)

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