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Gone But Not Forgotten - Lady Outlaw


The story behind her name:

We traveled home with Lady Outlaw late at night, crossing three state lines. 
I told my husband it was like she was a criminal or something, fleeing to Texas.




Lady Outlaw was born April 25th, 1997 and passed away in 2002
She had been OFA evaluated (hips & Elbows)
Little Lady
Lady Outlaw as a puppy

Definitely daddy's girl

But momma loved her !

Nicknamed "Poopy". The first time we took her to a school program, 
she had a little accident. I told her, "Lady Outlaw...You can clear a 
classroom quicker than a fire drill" Luckily that never happened again.

In her water

Poop in the wheelbarrow - get it?

Such a ham ! Lady Outlaw was goofy and funny. A true 'blonde'.

Getting bigger

Playing in the leaves

I have met one other animal like Lady Outlaw. Her name - Dallas.

She was fantastic about us handling her pups

Being a good mom

Lady Outlaw with her babies in 2001

in season - getting scratches


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