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Introducing "Haunted Mist"


The story behind her name - Cottonwoods Haunted Mist
If the mother is a ghost, her child is the mist."

Misty's mother was a significant animal in our breeding program.
Her ghostly image appeared in our original banner below.

Haunt - To appear in the form of a ghost or to be continually present in.
When I look at Misty there are so many subtleties that remind me of Ginger,
Barely visible (a mist). 
It is not so much about how she looks, or acts, but who she is (a feeling).
Call name: Misty - Full of tender emotion


Misty was born April 18th, 1998 Littermate to "R.J."
She has been OFA evaluated, DNA profiled

At a show with my oldest son
(when he was little too :-)

As a puppy - about 6 mo old

Misty on our playground

May 28th, 2005 Misty working on training with the "No Limitations" Method

April 30th, 2006

Misty with her pups in 2006. She is "Mr. Sandman's" dam.
We video taped her giving birth, and she has continued to be wonderful
about us handling the puppies. (I left our female, "Cammie Girl" on her).

February 2007

April 6th, 2007

Misty & Pooh Bear were mated for 2007, it was our first repeat breeding. 
They produced our newest addition "Bounty Hunter"
None of her pups were bottle-fed.

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