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Introducing "Dash A' Deja Vu"


The story behind his name:
One day I was talking dogs with another customer at the fish store, at the time I had several wolfdogs and he started to tell me about his Anatolians. I had no idea what this 'Shepherd' looked like. I later researched them, and they looked nothing like a Shepherd :-)
Interestingly, these guard dogs were developed by shepherds in Turkey to protect their flocks of sheep from wolves.
Dash gets along fairly well with my past / present animals, but is an effective force against the occasional Coyote or feral dog (or trespassing person).
Unlike our other animals, he is a serious guard dog, possessive toward family, property and livestock.
I found much in common between Anatolian Shepherds and Wolfdogs;
  • Anatolians are better in an outdoor situation and is not recommended as a house pet.
  • They are not for the first time dog owner and are strong and stubborn at times.
  • The Anatolian Shepherd requires an Alpha owner.
  • It is necessary to socialize the Anatolian Shepherd Dog from puppy hood.
  • Because of his size must be supervised with children.
  • The Anatolian Shepherd Dog should be kept in a fenced area.
  • Anatolians may be sensitive to anesthesia.
  • They do better with dogs that are raised with them, and
    the opposite sex are more readily accepted.
  • They are not the breed for everyone!
Hence his name - Dash A' Deja Vu
The phrase "deja vu" is French for "already seen".  This statement refers to when a person has the feeling that they have experienced this moment before.

Dash or as we sometimes call him "Vu-Dog" was born November 8th, 1999
He is a neutered male

His Sire

His Dam

A few Littermates
Dash as a puppy
He was such a stubborn and independent puppy. I said I would raise several Wolfdogs to one Anatolian. They don't give (submit) like our other animals did.

Dash and R.J.
At the park socializing him to people and other animals. This little guy tried to take on the big dogs in Petco.
I don't normally let my children ride him :-)
(I was supporting her weight)
I love the happy look he has on his face.
People learn fast they don't actually have to get out of the car to meet Dash. Anatolian's are large dogs, mine is a little larger than most ( AKA FAT) Wonder how he got so fat ???
December 1st, 2006 Doesn't he look like so sad behind the fence?
He is actually on the outside looking in.


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