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About this page:

We often keep a pup that we have bred, to evaluate what we have produced. 
There are times when I might not retain this animal for one reason or another, and 
they are placed. Below you will find photos of some of these animals.
If and when we have canines available for adoption they will also be shown here.




Stormy was born March 20th, 2003 Littermate to "Pooh Bear" & "Breezy"
Stormy didn't wow me, so we eventually placed her.
She now lives in Colorado at Indigo Mountain Nature Center

Mario was born April 22nd, 2001 Littermate to "Mia" 
Mario was a healthy, gorgeous animal with a wonderful temperament. 
He was neutered, and placed as a yearling. 
His sibling (Mia), was more tractable.

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Also see a Page about Mia
She was one of those tough decisions a breeder 
sometimes has to make - we spayed and 
eventually placed Mia. She didn't breed true 
to the standard, coming into season in January.

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Also see Breezy's Page
I have always said if I could get RJ's 
temperament in a female - then I'd have 
something. Breezy was the extreme and almost to friendly (i.e. very submissive), therefore she was placed and spayed by her new owner.

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Sandman would go to any extreme to try and please you - 
Almost to 'mushy' for my taste.

Mr. Sandman will be two next season and is a breeding quality animal.
He is available for purchase to the RIGHT home. 
OFA, DNA,  & Pedigree Information will be provided.

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