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Growing up

Growing up

Andel was born on July 17th, 2003 and she has 8 littermates.

Frank Amato originally purchased Andel from Von der Suden Working GSD. She was intended for Schutzhund, but after receiving an injury, Kathy Arnold arranged for her to be placed with us. After some recovery time, she was cleared by vets and began her training for Search & Rescue.

Her sire is Brit z Elisu, he was previously a working guard dog in the Czech Republic, and is currently the active SAR K9 for Gilmer Co. Emergency Management Agency. (see titles and accomplishments at bottom)

Her Dam Verona z Pohranicni Straze, was bred by the Czech Border Patrol kennel. 



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Airport Training

Helicopter Training

June 2004

September 2004

Boat Training

GSD Andel

Lab Lyjah

Training with the Scouts


Andel Von Der Suden

Oct 2005




N.A.P.W.D.A. Certified Police K9 -retired


2002 SchH USA SE Regional Championships: High SchH2 Obedience & Protection

SchH2 Schutzhund; consisting of Tracking, Obedience and Protection levels 1,2,3

DKK 0/0 (Hip Rating EXCELLENT) ZVV2

IPO2 Schutzhund according to International rules. IPO levels 1,2,3

Breed Survey: 4CV1/P Trida.1

(4) Required strength, build, and refinement. Height 61 cm, solid back, perfect angled legs. (V) Wolf gray, dark features. (1) Considerable hardness, courage, and fight drive. (P) Dog releases bite on handler's command. Show resolution: VD3 (velmi dobry)

Working Stud dog for the Czech Border Patrol Kennel, z Pohranicni Straze Proven Producer of working Police and Military Service dogs
1999 Participant to the International Stud Dog Competition in Bratislava, Slovakia


DOB 07-15-00 Hips: SK "A" Breed Survey: 5V7/23 P 2.triad SVV1

IPO1 Schutzhund according to International rules. IPO levels 1,2,3


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