Who Is Terry Jenkins

A Supervisor at The Folsom Zoo, Terry is an X-breeder of Wolfdogs.

I was warned against talking to Terry, so I have no personal knowledge of
if she is Anti wolfdog or simply against irresponsible owners/breeders.

Terry Jenkins was raised on a small California farm. Her first involvement with wolves and hybrids was in the early 1970's when she was still a teen. Within two years, she had launched into approximately a decade of breeding wolf hybrids - trying to produce an animal that looked like a wolf but was actually a dog. Terry stopped breeding in the early 80's but still kept all her animals and took in a number of rescue hybrids over the ensuing years and currently has one older low percent male hybrid that was rescued as a stray in Wiemar, CA about 8 years ago. 
Original text Written in 2002 at puppyworks.com.

See article concerning her wolfdogs at: www.shadowolfmals.com/GeneralInfo/callofthewild.htm

How High the Price?" by Terry Jenkins in Humane Society of the United States News (Winter 1991)


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